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We offer delivery of the following documents:

Civil Litigation
(Summons, Records, Subpoenas)

● Family Law-Related Documents
(Summons, Petitions, Pleadings, Divorce-Related Papers, Orders to Appear)

● Foreclosure Papers

Homeowners Association Regulations

Property Managers’ Papers
(Landlord/Tenant Notice, Eviction Summons) Pricing based on documents delivered, mailed, faxed or e-mailed to our office:

For your convenience, you can choose to have documents served through the following:

Zone 1:​ Richland County Zone 2:​ Lexington County       
Zone 3​: Kershaw County Zone 4:​ Fairfield County     
Zone 5:Calhoun County  Zone 6: ​Sumter County


3 Attempts (within 5 days)

● Service of Process Zone 1: $ 55
● Service of Process Zone 2: $ 65
● Service of Process Zone 3 and 4: $75
● Service of Process Zones 5 and 6: $80

Service of Process Rural Areas or areas not listed: Call for Pricing

High Risk Serves: (i.e., Temp Restraining Orders/Dissolutions/Problem Tenant) $100.00

Rush Handling (additional): (1st Attempt within 24 hours) : $20.00

● Documents Picked Up for Service: $10-$20 ​(Adjustable Rate)

● Document Printing Charges: 0.20¢ ​per page over 15 pages

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